Slip Lead For Puppy


Quick Overview:

  • Our slip lead for puppy offer a convenient option for everyday use. Just slide the lead over the dog’s head, ensuring a comfortable fit around the back or base of the ears.
  • Please note that all our products are measured while laid out flat, providing the total overall length of the complete product.
  • Ideal length of 1.8m
  • Specially Made For Puppies
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8mm Slip Lead For Puppy


  • Perfect Size:
    • Ideal length of 1.8m x 8mm for outdoor activities like walking, jogging, hiking, or training.
    • Recommended for dogs under 20kg, specifically designed for puppies and small dogs.
  • Comfy Grip:
    • Special foam-padded handle design ensures a comfortable grip, protecting your hands from rope burn, even during pulling.
  • Reflective for Safety:
    • Reflective threads enhance visibility for night walks, making the lead reflective when exposed to light at night.
  • Easy and Convenient:
    • No collar or harness required; adjustable loop for simple on/off.
    • Metal lock tab in the collar part prevents choking, ensuring safety for your beloved pets.
  • Great for Training:
    • Specially designed for pullers; tightens when the dog pulls and loosens when behavior is corrected.
    • Variety of colors and thicknesses available for all dogs, both male and female.
  • Slip Lead Small Dog

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At MyPetBud, we consistently uphold stringent quality standards for our products. Rigorous testing of each official slip lead for puppy ensures unparalleled strength, reliability, and durability. This commitment to excellence solidifies our position as the preferred choice for canine service handlers, professional dog trainers, and pet owners alike.


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