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The figure of 8 lead seamlessly integrating both lead and collar while incorporating an anti-pull system. This highly effective and proven figure 8 lead transforms the experience of walking any pulling dog into a joyful one. Boasting excellent customer feedback and an impressive success rate, this lead outperforms others in the realm of anti-pull leads.

    • 185cm Length
    • Made of Soft Nylon and Leather
    • 12mm Diameter
    • Outstanding Success Rate & Customer Feedback
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Figure of 8 Lead

Our modified slip lead, known as the figure of 8 lead, is intricately twisted into the shape of the number eight. This design is crafted to have one loop securely encircling your dog’s neck, while the other loop is positioned around their nose. While optional, the addition of stainless steel rings to this product proves to be advantageous, aiding in maintaining the figure-of-eight shape effectively.

  • Anti-Pull Dog Lead:
    • JACXO figure of eight lead for dogs addresses pulling issues during walks.
    • Unique design gently lowers your dog’s head when pulling and releases tension when walking calmly.
    • Comes with a Length of 185cm, 180cm and 150cm
    • The 150cm variation is short slip lead for dogs
    • Available in three colours Red, Blue, Black
    • It is a figure 8 anti pull lead
  • Premium Quality Padded Rope:
    • Special soft padding around the snout area for extra comfort and protection.
    • Padded handle ensures a comfortable grip.
    • padded figure of 8 dog lead
    • Made from top-quality, non-stretch rope, ideal for effective dog training.
    • Suitable for medium and large dogs.
  • Safety Collar Attachment:
    • Includes a heavy-duty reflective collar link for added security.
    • Provides extra peace of mind in case your dog attempts to slip out of the leash.
  • Instruction Guide:
    • Every order includes a step-by-step guide for optimal usage.
    • Ensures your dog is comfortable, safe, and properly trained with our figure of eight slip lead.
  • Lifetime Support & Warranty:
    • Genuine UK-based business with dedicated UK customer service.
    • Confidence in the product with a lifetime warranty or a money-back guarantee.

Please note: Dog leads are sold separately. Dog Collars and harnesses are also sold separately.

The Figure of 8 Lead How To Use It

A figure-of-eight lead, also known as a figure-eight or slip lead, is a type of dog leash that forms a figure-eight shape. It’s often used for training or walking dogs that may pull on a traditional leash. Here’s a general guide on how to use a figure-of-eight dog lead:

1.Insert Head Through the Loops:

Hold the figure-of-eight lead so that it forms two loops: one larger loop and one smaller loop. The larger loop is slipped over the dog’s head, and the smaller loop goes behind the dog’s ears. The lead should now rest around the dog’s neck.

2.Adjust the Fit:

Ensure that the lead is neither too tight nor too loose. It should be snug but still allow the dog to breathe comfortably. The smaller loop should be snug behind the ears, preventing the dog from slipping out, but it should not be tight enough to cause discomfort.

3.Hold the Lead Correctly:

Hold the lead with both hands, keeping the strands separate. The larger loop forms a natural collar around the dog’s neck.

4.Control and Correct:

When the dog pulls or you need to correct its behavior, apply gentle pressure by pulling strands of the lead towards you. The figure-of-eight design helps distribute pressure more evenly than a traditional collar, potentially reducing the risk of injury to the dog’s neck.

5.Release Pressure as a Reward:

Release the pressure as soon as the dog responds to your cues or stops pulling. This serves as positive reinforcement, encouraging good behavior.

6.Practice Positive Reinforcement:

Use positive reinforcement techniques, such as treats and praise, to reward the dog for walking nicely on the lead.

Remember, the figure-of-eight lead is a training tool and should be used with care and proper training techniques. Always prioritize positive reinforcement over punitive measures, and consult with a professional dog trainer if you have specific training concerns or questions.

Figure of 8 lead Pros and Cons

A figure-of-eight dog lead, also known as a figure-eight or slip lead, has both advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons). Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons associated with using a figure-of-eight dog lead:


  1. Reduced Pulling:

    • The design of the figure-of-eight lead helps to discourage pulling by distributing pressure more evenly across the dog’s neck.
  2. Ease of Use:

    • Figure-of-eight leads are often easy to put on and take off, making them convenient for quick walks or training sessions.
  3. Training Aid:

    • Many dog trainers recommend figure-of-eight leads as a training aid to teach dogs not to pull and to respond to gentle pressure.
  4. Control:

    • Handlers can have better control over their dogs, especially in situations where the dog may be prone to pulling or becoming overly excited.
  5. Prevents Escapes:

    • The figure of eight lead design minimizes the risk of the dog slipping out of the lead, enhancing security during walks.


  1. Limited Length:

    • Figure of 8 leads are typically shorter than standard leashes, limiting the dog’s range of movement during walks.
  2. Potential for Discomfort:

    • If not fitted properly, the figure-of-eight lead may cause discomfort, particularly if it’s too tight or rubs against the dog’s skin.
  3. Not Suitable for All Dogs:

    • Some dogs may not respond well to the figure-of-eight design, and it may not be the most suitable option for all breeds or temperaments.
  4. Training Required:

    • Proper usage of a figure of 8 dog lead requires training for both the handler and the dog. Without proper technique, it may not be as effective.
  5. May Cause Stress in Some Dogs:

    • Certain dogs may find the feeling of pressure around their necks stressful, even if applied gently. It’s essential to monitor the dog’s comfort level.
  6. Limited Hands-Free Use:

    • Unlike some hands-free leash options, a figure of eight lead requires constant manual control.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of a figure-of-eight lead depends on the individual dog’s temperament, the handler’s training approach, and the specific context in which it is used. It’s important to consider your dog’s needs and preferences when choosing a leash and to use any training tool responsibly.

Buy Figure Of 8 Lead

At MyPetBud, we unwaveringly maintain high standards for our products. Each official Figure of 8 lead from the slip leads category undergoes comprehensive testing to guarantee unmatched strength, reliability, and durability. This dedication to excellence establishes us as the preferred option for canine service handlers, professional dog trainers, and pet owners alike. Moreover, the figure of 8 lead has been one of the top selling product on Amazon. The figure of 8 lead review posted on Amazon indicates that the users who have purchased and used the product are happy with the results.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are figure of 8 leads OK?

A figure of 8 lead typically loops around the dog’s neck and behind the ears, providing control and discouraging pulling. This design helps distribute pressure more evenly compared to traditional collars, and it can be effective for training dogs that tend to pull on a leash.

When using a figure of 8 slip lead or any other type of training collar, it’s essential to use it correctly and ensure that it fits your dog comfortably. Improper use or sizing may cause discomfort or injury to your dog. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper fitting and use.

Does figure of 8 Slip lead stop pulling?

The figure of 8 lead stands out as a highly effective slip lead for curbing your dog’s pulling tendencies. Nevertheless, it is crucial to ensure that the lead is both comfortable and securely fastened, preventing it from being too tight on the dog.

Do figure of 8 leads stop barking?

In brief, yes, figure-of-8 leads can deter dogs from barking. Nevertheless, the primary aim of the figure-of-eight slip lead is to soothe the dog and reduce its frustration and anger.

Do slip leads stop pulling?

Slip collars help dogs in walking without pulling the lead. It is sort of a collar that is used to discipline a dog.

Are figure of 8 leads cruel?

If you are asking about the use of figure-eight leads in dog training or walking, it’s important to note that the appropriateness of any training tool or method depends on how it is used and the individual needs of the dog. Generally, a figure-of-eight lead is considered a humane tool when used properly and with care.

However, like any training equipment, it’s crucial to use positive reinforcement and avoid causing unnecessary discomfort or harm to the dog. Consult with a professional dog trainer or veterinarian for guidance on the most suitable training tools and techniques for your specific dog and situation.



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    Excellent lead as grandson has a German shepherd and is quite lively, very comfortable on the dog as it has padding on the part that goes round the neck and padding on the handle very pleased with the product

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