Rope Slip Lead

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Quick Overview:

  • Strong and durable reflective dog leash
    • Thin version: 0.9 cm diameter
    • Thick version: 1.3 cm diameter
    • Suitable for all dog types
  • Soft and comfortable handle
    • Foam provides comfort when dog pulls
    • Protects hand from strain
  • Style 1 – Snap Lead
    • Tested to withstand 400 lbs impact
    • 360-degree swivel design prevents tangling
  • Style 2 – Slip Lead
    • Sliding design for quick and gentle correction
    • Leather slide fits all neck sizes
  • Safe and reflective
    • Highly reflective for safety during night walks
    • Improves dog’s visibility, reducing injury risk
  • ¬†Perfect lengths
    • Available in 60 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm, and 240 cm
    • Balances control and dog’s freedom
    • Suitable for small, medium, and large dogs of any breed
    • Can handle substantial weight
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Rope Slip Lead


  • Sturdy and enduring: Crafted from high-quality hiking nylon rope, our reflective dog leash comes in a slim version with a 0.9 cm diameter and a thick version with a 1.3 cm diameter, catering to all dog sizes.
  • Comfortable grip: The handle, featuring a soft foam, ensures comfort when your dog pulls, protecting your hand from strain.
  • Snap Lead: Enduring 400 lbs of impact, the 360-degree swivel design prevents tangling during your dog’s movements.
  • Slip Lead: Designed for quick and gentle corrections, the sliding leash accommodates all neck sizes with a leather slide.
  • Safe and reflective: The highly reflective leash enhances visibility during night walks, reducing the risk of injury for both dog and owner.
  • Optimal lengths: Available in 60 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm, and 240 cm, our leash strikes a balance between control and freedom. Suitable for small, medium, and large dogs of any breed, it can handle substantial weight.

Rope Slip lead is available in 9 colours.

Please note: Dog leads are sold separately. Collars and harnesses are also sold separately.


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At MyPetBud, we steadfastly uphold the utmost standards for our products. Every official slip leads collar undergoes rigorous testing to ensure unparalleled strength, reliability, and durability. This commitment to excellence positions us as the preferred choice for canine service handlers, professional dog trainers, and pet owners alike.

1 review for Rope Slip Lead

  1. Margot Ward

    Brilliant slip lead, soft, thick, very well made. Strong and sturdy. Would strongly recommend

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